Press Wednesday: An Odd Place to Start

warmup w/bands

DB incline bench
20 kgs x 10
30 kgs x 10
32.5 kgs x 13

BB bench
60 kgs x 10
80 kgs x 10

Axle OHP
30 kgs x 20
40 kgs x 20
50 kgs x 15

THIS is the first official post of my new personal blog, located here at Nick Horton’s Weightlfting Academy! I’m very happy to be here, slotted amongst many and varied (but all serious) lifters, in the relative coziness of cyberspace. Western Australia and Texas have, well, one thing in common now.

Soooo… tonight was, in all honesty, about as far from my Strongman/Powerlifting programming as I’ve been for years. There are several reasons for this; 1. Now that the state finals are over and my performance was not bad (3rd place heavyweight) my focus has returned 100% to Australia’s Strongest Man, and other national level comps coming along early next year. 2. I’m trying to work around my shoulder injury and build my overhead strength, so the focus is off conventional bench press and on to incline variations that will more directly translate to my log and axle press. 3. My right side is weaker, so opting for dumbbells over barbell for select movements is to assist in building that strength back.

Unfortunately, this was still a half-assed session (much like Monday night’s) due to a new combination of injuries; a bicep strain, and now tendinitis in my right elbow. This is an old injury… just the right arm, a couple of times a year perhaps, I’ll do something to piss it off and it’ll make me as weak as a lamb in return. As a consequence, a bunch of things were not done tonight, such as pull-ups, partial ROM bench drop sets, and maybe some pinwheelz (for the ladeez) to finish. I throw them in just occasionally, so when people ask me how my arms got so big I can tell them I do 3 or 4 sets of curls each month, and enjoy their confused expressions.

Tomorrow night is my pull session. Deadlift, row, and lower back / hamstring assistance work. All sub-max shit, thanks to my injuries. That’s not how I prefer to train, but this is how it is, until I get in to see my physio for some needling.