Pull Thursday: CNS Quake

warmup w/bands

70 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 5
220 kgs x 3
250 kgs x 1
270 kgs x 3

MY calves were spasming during the last couple of sets. My coach said it was likely a symptom of CNS shock, as I’m not yet fully recovered from states. Fair enough, I can’t say I’m unhappy with 3 of 270, all things considered… a fourth rep would have been legit pogress, though. I managed 275 for a triple at the end of June.

And here is a link to a video of my last good Deadlift session: 255 kilos x 7, in late August (I’m still trying to figure out how to embed videos). It’s a shame I never actually pulled 300 on a standard bar… I repped it several times on the hexbar leading up to state finals (trying to simulate the car deadlift, which we didn’t end up using) and I pulled 315 on the day, but it was an axle… I have to assume a conventional 300 is my new benchmark.

With my right arm virtually incapable of anything other than hanging shit off, accessory work tonight was out. Fortunately, holding and walking with heavy shit describes most of what I do at events training on saturday, so I should be good. Kick that CNS a little more.