Thursday Squat & Monday Pull

TRIMMING down to the basics while my back is feeling crooked. I’m not saying last week’s belt-less money set was overkill… but I perhaps should have waited a bit longer before pulling it; I spent the rest of the week feeling pretty beat-up. I even skipped events training.

During my deadflit session this week, I attempted to focus on my power off the floor, as well as resetting completely for each rep. Because I can’t expect the bar to bounce down in the same spot, I instead will get used to pulling it from a variety of different places on the platform; this is the method in my madness.

There have been some exciting developments I should mention; to begin, Genesis have finally bought the ‘Awesome As’ yoke & farmers apparatus from Les! I’ve also gone ahead and purchased some Oly-spec DB handles which, with Fat Grips (another item I have on order) I will be able to construct Circus dumbbells, and heavier DBs in general, compared with what’s on offer in the Mirror Room.

The Genesis Mirror Room is where the Smith machine is located. Ordinarily this would be enough said, but I have spent a bit of time in there lately, on the nights I alternate squats and good mornings with leg press and accessory movements. The heaviest set of dumbbells is a pair of 60s; fresh, I can clean press one (with my left arm) for a half dozen lazy reps. And I can row a 60 all day (and the seated row machine is much the same). So the purchase of the Oly-spec handles was a necessary venture for me.

Thursday April 24th

Squats w/axle
20 kgs x 10
70 kgs x 8
120 kgs x 5
150 kgs x 1
170 kgs x 3

Good mornings w/axle
70 kgs x 8
100 kgs x 8, 8

Monday April 28th

80 kgs x 6
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 5
200 kgs x 3 sets x 5 singles

Seated rows
113 kgs (full stack) x 15

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