The purpose of FAT GRIPZ

fgI don’t do a lot of promoting of stuff, because to be honest with you, there’s not an overabundance of products out there worth mentioning in the ‘health and fitness’ industry. As a nationally ranked strongman and Australia’s Strongest Man competitor (and also having worked for two years for the largest and most influential personal training academy in the country) I’ve come across a lot of what I can only describe as bullshit.

However, there are a few products and businesses I have encountered over the years that I can honestly say have made a genuine contribution, and have helped me with my training and assisted me in getting at least this far. I’d like to mention one of them here.

One of the greatest distinctions between strongman and other kinds of strength training is the fact that we don’t use standard barbells; we use fat bars and axles and, when required, wrist straps to lift serious amounts of weight. And, while we all have favoured events, a Strongman trains to be strong in every way. Grip strength is an integral part of that.

If you’re just starting out and/or you want to get into strongman, whether building your own gym at home or training in a commercial gym, you will be hard pressed to find anything resembling Strongman equipment. In some cases, you’ll have a tough enough time finding a free weight barbell, or squat cage, never mind a strongman log or axle you can buy/use.

This is where Fat Gripz have come in handy for me.

Performing your heavy work with these things will improve your general strength levels in a way a standard bar just cannot. The Fat Gripz range approximate the thickness of strongman fatbars and axles; they can turn the heaviest dumbbell within your reach into a Monster DB to exceed your grasp. And with Fat Gripz Extremes, you can make standard barbells as hard to handle as the axles and dumbbells used in Worlds Strongest Man.

Specificity is important; you wouldn’t train with a chop stick if you compete with a javelin. And if you want to get proper strong, like a strongman, the first step is to make your everyday stuff strongman-spec, with Fat Gripz.

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