Press Wednesday: Log & Axle

NOTHING ground-breaking tonight, but solid work in general with the log and axle, and no tendon strain, which is more important right now than PRs. I am feeling confident about attempting the 120 log again soon, and I’m pretty sure I have the pinwheels to at least partially thank for that, and props to trainer McCaughan for the addition to my program (amongst many others).

While training I had a chat to Gabor about the benefit of hack squats, which I’m going to integrate into my legs routine. I’ll trial them tomorrow night after axle squats. He also brought my attention to my limp right arm; unless I focus specifically on driving the press with my right, it lags and the bar drops a little on that side. This is another example of my extremely dominant left side. Ever since my shoulder injury (which is a while ago now… over two years, in fact) the left has done the majority of the work and the right has been babied along as I rehabbed it. And it now appears, on a mental level, to be less engaged generally. I need to correct this.

I should mention that I didn’t do any monster dumbbell work tonight because it looks as though someone at my gym took the Fat Gripz off my dumbbell handles and absconded with them: Fat Gripz with my name engraved on them. So once the dudes in charge have reviewed all the video footage, we will find out which (soon-to-be ex) member I need to have a chat to.

Log clean-press
65 kgs x 4
85 kgs x 3
95 kgs x 2
105 kgs x 1
110 kgs x 1

Axle OHP (strict)
90 kgs x 8

Bench press (close grip)
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 3
120 kgs x 6

Triceps pushdowns
114 kgs x 20, 12, 7

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