Squat Thursday: Rain Check

FUCK, Fuckity fuck fuck, my right knee didn’t like me today (I suspect I strained it during log press last night) and I couldn’t do shit tonight without exacerbating it. I wrapped up for everything from 120, but I knew pushing for more would do me no good. Likewise, hack squats were off the table. If it doesn’t come good by monday I’ll be making a physio appointment.

That’s why I was there; when it comes to training, everything else is incidental, really. But I did have a play with one of the gym’s most recent acquisitions; a truck tyre. A friend of Asha’s donated it… it proved to be too light for me, but I pushed it around until it was bored.

Squats w/axle
20 kgs x 8
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
160 kgs x 3

Good mornings w/axle
70 kgs x 5s x 10r

Tyre flips
175 kgs (approx) x 6

Underhand BB bent over rows
70 kgs x 10
90 kgs x 10
95 kgs x 8 TPR

20 kgs x 20
17.5 kgs x 20
15 kgs x 12

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