Events at GENESIS: No Yoke Bloke

THE YOKE still hasn’t arrived, unfortunately. Should be there next week. I trained around this… I wasn’t really feeling it today, and my knee is giving me schtick, but nonetheless I did the pressing I was supposed to do Wednesday and worked on my events conditioning. For the record, my events conditioning sucks right now.

Leading up to the medley, the 110 axle was messy; I continental cleaned it and hitched it up instead of the full power clean I was trying for… still not explosive enough at that weight. And this might have cost me when it came time for the actual medley.

The medley was a trial run, and it sucked. I was aiming for a fast time, but I guess I psyched myself out. I couldn’t both keep steady and lock out the log, and the axle was barely a complete press if I’m being brutally honest. Mad, I decided to punish myself with the farmers and tyre flip combo… we need a heavier tyre. Even after a reasonably heavy farmers walk, 175 kilos just isn’t enough to challenge me.

I weighed the picks; 13 each. An odd number to program with, much like my 16 kilo axle. But at least I now know exactly how much I’m moving.

Barbell strict press 30 kgs x 10
Log clean press 65 kgs x 5, 85 kgs x 3
Dumbbell clean press 50 kgs x 1
Axle power clean press 110 kgs x 1

Clean-press medley
50 kgs DB
100 kgs axle
105 kgs log

Axle power clean press
96 kgs x 2

Farmers walk
93 kgs p/h x 20 meters
113 kgs p/h x 20 meters

Farmers & Tyre medley
133 kgs p/h x 20 meters
175 kgs tyre x 20 meters

Bench press
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 4
120 kgs x 7 TPR

Triceps pushdowns
114 kgs x 20, 12, 10

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