Legs Thursday: No Pain, All Gain

VERY HAPPY that nothing went wrong tonight. The knees held up well, even during the hack squats, which felt like they were really taxing them. I’m no expert, and self-diagnosis is almost always wrong, but it honestly felt like something in the right knee corrected itself during hack squats… I felt a twinge. Everything was good after that.

I played it safe with the squats tonight; nothing was sunk too deep, but I am confidant I at least hit parallel with all reps. Once I’d tripled 170 I backed off and used the leg press… I still don’t know how heavy the machine is unloaded, but I stacked 300 kilos on it and repped it comfortably. I just fucking wish I could squat with that kind of power.

Oh, and I decided not to use wraps for my heavy sets, I only wore my Rehbands… not sure if I should read anything into that. I will continue to use the wraps for proper heavy stuff, when I’m feeling good enough to push for new maxes, but that may not be for a little while yet. I’m contemplating switching to front squats for a while, to see if that improves things generally. Not too sure the axle will be used for these; a standard bar will be more stable.

And I’m still getting light-headed during my 20 rep sets of pinwheels. I need my traps needled again, and needled thoroughly.

Let’s hope the yoke arrives in time for events training this weekend.

Squats w/Axle
20 kgs x 8
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 3

Leg press
220 kgs x 5
280 kgs x 5
300 kgs x 10 PR

Tyre flip
175 kgs x 20 meters

Underhand BB bent over rows
70 kgs x 8
100 kgs x 8
110 kgs x 5 PR

Hack squats
unloaded x 12
40 kgs x 12
60 kgs x 12

22.5 kgs x 20 PR
17.5 kgs x 20

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