Events Saturday: Unusual Forearm Strain

SO LET’S get the annoying stuff out the way first: I noticed this earlier in the week when I was pressing… it became worse during tri-push, and today while tyre-flipping it got worse again. Then, while unracking a 60 kilo axle for a warmup set, it was bad enough for me to reconsider pressing it. Something mid-forearm feels like it’s strained… again, self diagnosis is masturbation, but it feels like it’s the bone. It could just as likely be a strained flexor or extensor muscle and I’m being paranoid. Either way, I re-racked that axle and backed right off presses… I know I need to continue working on my axle power clean and log, but now is not the time to risk a significant injury. Let’s hope that with only a pulling session on the cards for the next few days it will heal some. I’m going to have to be careful next press session, and if it keeps up I guess I really will have to bite the bullet and get an MRI. I managed to avoid getting my knees done (and I feel like I’ve turned a corner there… but then I’ve felt that way before) but this time it might just have to happen.

I’m so cheap.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn to the good news; the Awesome As farmers picks have arrived! These are the base for the Awesome As yoke. The yoke uprights arrived also, but we’re still waiting on the crossbeam to be finished. As you can see, the picks are black and red. And sexy as hell. I weighed them both prior to training: 50.8 and 50.2 kilograms. Nice work Les.

I made some noticeable improvements with my Farmers walk today too. I used only my Rehband soft belt for the heavy runs, and while I don’t think it was a great time with 140 p/hand, it was a strong pick and I made the distance with those new, slippery handles. I’m feeling more confident about 150 p/hand, which is what I need to do for a decent score at the National Qualifiers. Though I am going to have to get used to the material I’m walking on now… it’s unforgiving if I try and slide my feet, which I’ve suddenly noticed I do at the start of a run.

The reason why I’m using the tyre is to improve my conditioning. Let’s see if I can hit the required reps when I deadlift Monday. For now, I called it quits.

Farmers walk / tyre flip medley
90 kgs p/h x 20 meters
175 kgs tyre x 20 meters
120 kgs p/h x 20 meters
175 kgs tyre x 20 meters
140 kgs p/h x 20 meters TPR soft belt only

Axle strict press
*20 reps sets*
40 kgs x 20
45 kgs x 20 TPR
50 kgs x 12

6 thoughts on “Events Saturday: Unusual Forearm Strain

  1. Kaylyn Price says:

    Can you tell me about those red handles they look extremely difficult to grip ??

  2. Kaylyn price says:

    Sorry about the previous comment , I’m useing my phone. , when I zoomed in I saw the black handle , lol

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