Press Wednesday: Puns & Needles

THIS EVENING started with a thorough needling from my new physio, Dominique. She stuck a whole bunch of them in each quad and, if they hurt really good, left them there while she chastised me for not foam-rolling more often. Apparently it’s incredibly beneficial post-dry needling.

Nothing fantastic this evening (as is the norm with most of my Wednesday sessions), but I’m pleased to see my bench hasn’t gotten weaker since I trained it last… I really wanted to incline bench tonight but, of course, it was occupied and I was already behind schedule so I made do.

This is from almost exactly one year ago, before I’d really learned to tuck my humeral balls into their sockets while benching. This was a valuable pointer learned from Nathan Baxter, while I was training at PTC.

I haven’t been able to say it much lately, but I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s squatting.

Axle OHP (strict)
20 kgs x 8
40 kgs x 5
60 kgs x 3
70 kgs x 1
85 kgs x 3s x 5r

CGBP (flat)
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 3
120 kgs x 1
130 kgs x 7 PR

Triceps pushdowns
114 kgs x 25 PR, 14, 6

Axle OHP (strict)
*high rep sets*
45 kgs x 15
50 kgs x 15

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