Pull Thursday: Last Lift Before Qualifiers

LAST WEEK I overdid it with the bent-over rows (well, more specifically, I over-extended re-racking the bar) and got a lumbar strain. This set me back a little bit (hence pulling this late in the week) but not enough to be worried. I’m definitely in good condition for next weekend. I will be doing some events this Saturday, and after that it’s just resting and eating till the qualifiers.

It felt good to hit it really hard tonight. But getting out of bed tomorrow may be a challenge. The amount of dicking around that goes into constructing the axle deadlift taxes my lower back a little prematurely, and when it came time for bent-over rows the pump was, again, ridiculous. So I dropped the barbell and moved to seated rows instead.

Once the comp is over and I don’t need to train Axle deads anymore, I’ll re-introduce the aspects of this template that I’ve missed in the last month.

70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 3
220 kgs x 1
260 kgs x 1
280 kgs x 3s x 2r PR

Deadlifts w/Axle
*18 inch height*
250 kgs x 3s x 3r PR

Overhand bent-over BB rows
100 kgs x 5 – back pump

Seated rows
114 kgs x 15, 15, 10

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