Recap: The Week After Qualifiers

OBVIOUSLY the week after Nat. Quals. was not long enough to completely recover from the event; I could tell I was still fried as my pulling got heavier on Monday night. I just didn’t have the power off the floor when I got above the 250 mark, which didn’t bode well for the rest of if. My programming originally called for doubles of 290, but that was definitely not going to happen.

Things didn’t improve with my pressing or squatting either. I came in and did what I could, but my tendons and knees were just bitching and moaning throughout. I pussed out on my money sets coz everything just felt wrong. I’m not even going to bother recording what little I did do (the only thing possibly worth mentioning was a new PR on Leg press… yeah, never mind).

Events training Saturday was an altogether better day.

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