Press Wednesday: Better than Busted

I SWAPPED the order in which I performed my axle overhead and bench press today. I had no spotter as it was around lunch time (and one of the few occasions I’ve found the gym almost empty) so I used higher than average rep ranges on bench instead of my usual near-maximal loading stuff. My tendons appreciated the change-up. On that subject, I’m making myself take note of the additional warmup exercises I do prior to pressing. Whether it truly means something nor not is another question, but today everything held together fine, and I’ll take that as enough of an indication that what I did this time around was beneficial to some extent for my forearms.

I do not yet have confirmation on the deltoid assistance exercises I will be incorporating into the program, I only know there will be some, at some stage. Whatever will help make my press stronger. Speaking of; today I actually had a decent innings with the log. Nothing spectacular, but today is a good base from which to micro-load (virtually) to 120 kilograms and beyond, using triples and sets of five only.

The 20 rep sets on axle OHP I’ve been falling back on as they helped me to build a little more pressing strength when I employed them late last year. If I can bust out twenty reps of, say, 75 kilograms, I can predict a stronger strict press… how much, I won’t speculate on, as I know it doesn’t work like that (especially for me and my press) but based on past experience, I anticipate good things.

w/Pinwheelz 20 kgs x 8
& axle strict press 20 kgs x 8

Log clean-press
65 kgs x 3
85 kgs x 3
105 kgs x 3
110 kgs x 1, 1, FAIL

Axle OHP (strict)
*20 rep sets*
60 kgs x 20
65 kgs x 15 TPR

100 kgs x 10, 10

Klokov press
20 kgs x 20, 20

Triceps pushdown
114 kgs x 25 PR

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