Press Wednesday: Log Strict Press & Bigger Benching

TONIGHT I tried something I’ve never actually done before, and set up the log for strict-pressing in a rack. The isolated press with the log in this way was weird, but it did allow me to work on my max effort strict overhead press, and make some legit progress.

Things felt clunky to start with, but I managed some new records across the board tonight. After my log work I managed a new PR on bench press, but dropped a plate on my foot just prior to the money set, which may have robbed me of a fourth. Hurt like a sumbitch… nothing broken though. In reality, I didn’t need that many reps warmup and my setup was looser than it should have been. The pain in my foot didn’t really factor much at all. Hehehe.

There will be more log work on Saturday.

OHP w/Log (strict)
65 kgs x 5
85 kgs x 3
105 kgs x 2
115 kgs x 1 TPR
110 kgs x 4 TPR
110 kgs x 2

Bench press (close grip, flat)
100 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 1
135 kgs x 1
150 kgs x 3 PR

OHP w/Axle (strict)
*high rep sets*
60 kgs x 20
65 kgs x 15
65 kgs x 12

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