Press Wednesday & Muscle Tear Monday

I HAD a scare which put a premature end to Pull Monday and made for a shitty start to the week. I wasn’t sufficiently warm and limber going into my money set. Working up to 245 kilos for 4 sets of 4; while completing the first set, something in my right leg popped just behind the knee. Of course I feared the worst and took off to see if Dominique, my physiotherapist, was still in her office. Fortunately she was, and gave me a thorough assessment. Turns out it wasn’t a hamstring or a tendon but a massive cramp which caused a small muscle tear. I had to quit the session but I’m feeling like it will be 100% again by the weekend.

So things generally haven’t been going well when it comes to events training. I’ve missed a couple of sessions now, which means I really have to pull my finger out and hit as many events as I can this saturday. One thing is certain; my lower back is fully recovered… and my legs need some serious training. I haven’t squatted jack shit in weeks. Some heavy sled drags should be beneficial.

Getting on with tonight’s session, I had another brief visit with Dom just to make sure all was good, and then set up the log in the rack for more strict OHP. I made some more decent progress in reps, but I won’t be testing my 1RM at all till State finals.

I even added some delt exercises at the end, and spoke to another Dom (young Dominic Leah) about other, specifically front deltoid movements I can also employ.

Log strict OHP from rack
65 kgs x 5
85 kgs x 3
95 kgs x 1
105 kgs x 5 TPR

Bench press
100 kgs x 3
120 kgs x 1
130 kgs x 9 PR

Axle OHP (strict)
*20 reps sets*
60 kgs x 20
70 kgs x 14 TPR

114 kgs x 24 equal to best, 14, 10

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  1. Boris Sheiko says:

    Did little widdle flabbadon get a crampy wampy?… awwww

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