Events Saturday: Strength to Strength

RICHARD, LEROY and newcomer Anthony took some instruction in Yoke walk and Axle deads today while Ashleigh was over at the Muscle Pit getting her form assessed by Joel. As it was, I had my hands full with this crew, and it was excellent to see how much potential they all have. I know Rich already fancies himself a contender for next year’s Strength Quests… and as long as he keeps following his program, and keeps surprising me with improvements (like his 216 kilo axle deadlift x4 today), come June he won’t just be talking a big game.

This week I received the events list and entry forms for this year’s state finals, and I again found myself contemplating my next move. It makes sense to see this year through, regardless of how I’m feeling about my conditioning (and my press), and then if I’m not happy with the outcome I can exit the circuit for next year and just focus on getting stronger. That is assuming I place well enough in states to qualify for 2015’s Australia’s Strongest Man. If I don’t get a podium finish, then that decision will be made for me. And for me, if I don’t place at least second, I don’t think I’ll be doing ASM. There’d be no point, after trailing behind people on a state level, to travel to Melbourne and come almost last again.

But then I think; that’s fucking weak loser talk. If I do qualify for ASM again next year, I owe it to myself to compete. If  I want to be a proper Strongman, and I’m strong enough to make it there, I have no excuse not to go. I mean, shit; the next vehicle I purchase I’m getting for three main reasons. It has space to carry all my shit, space enough even for me to sleep in on long drives, and it gets between 800 and 1000 kilometres per tank of diesel. So I can drive interstate to comps and not risk my health flying.

Not everything is going as planned, but then things rarely, if ever, do all go to plan. Best not to worry about it right now. Just lift.

Yoke walk
135 kgs x 20 meters
235 kgs x 20 meters
315 kgs x 20 meters
355 kgs x 20 meters – no soft belt, decent time TPR

Axle deadlifts
115 kgs x 5
165 kgs x 3
220 kgs x 3
270 kgs x 3
300 kgs x 5 PR and had plenty more

The boys were seriously taxed at this point, but I made them do some introductory work with the log before the session ended. Strongman training provides a steep learning curve, and I am very conscious of not over-working them at this early stage. I have every confidence they had trouble getting out of bed the next morning. Steadily, though, they will be conditioned and their loading and volume increased over the coming months.

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