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Record Breaking Time: 305 From the Floor & More Shit than I have Time to Talk

THIS actually happened on 22nd September, I think. It’s been a long time between updates, and a whole lot of interesting and controversial stuff has happened in the five weeks since my last post. I switched my focus from my own ASM campaign to training others and cementing the Genesis chapter of WA Strongman, with the intention of training up a group of aspiring strength athletes up to competition level in 2015. It didn’t go so well, but more on that at a later date.

After a small hiatus to collect my shit, I have begun an off-season program with more volume where it matters and a different structure; one intended to address my press and squat weaknesses.

I have other sessions to post up and other things I need to write down, for posterity, but here and now I’m just gonna talk deadlifts. I’m three weeks in, and all the money sets have been 5 by 5. The accessory movements are hack squats and underhand barbell bent-over rows and the loadings so far are inconsequential, so no real need to post them up at this stage.

So far, money sets have all gone well:
217.5 kgs for 5 x 5 – belted up for the final set only: personal record for reps.
225 kgs for 5 x 5 – all with no belt! Another PR
232.5 kgs for 5 x 5 – tonight, belted up after set 1

I was feeling off my game tonight, but nonetheless I did the program. The very first set felt rough… a bad sign. And a discussion with Asha about herniated discs may have made me a little paranoid. I relied on my belt and liberal doses of angry squid to get me through it.

The 5 sets of 5 reps peaks next week with a max loading of 240 kilos.