Press Thursday, & the Finer Points of Spotting

MIXING days up coz there’s no reason why not. Tonight I did some predictably dissatisfying work with the log before moving on to bench. I wanted to bench conventional rather than attempt the board press, just to feel everything out. When I do begin board pressing again, I may end up switching back to Wednesdays, just so there’s more people around to assist. It’s not really achievable when training solo.

All the same, I had some doubts about my strength levels and thought it best to recruit the assistance of the first random gym-goer I saw in front of me as I loaded up 140. I didn’t get his name but if I see him again I’ll ask for it. I’ll also offer him some help with his unfortunate bent-over row form. He followed the few initial instructions I gave him well, but when it came time for me to, you know, press the bar… he wouldn’t let go of it. He wasn’t helping, but he wasn’t about to let go and back away so I could perform the movement correctly. My bad, I guess, for not providing this instruction too.

I’m going to squat Monday, for the first time in a long time. And I’ll be wearing my new orthotics when I do.

Log clean-press (strict)
65 kgs x 3
75 kgs x 3
85 kgs x 3
95 kgs x 3
105 kgs x 2, fail
95 kgs x 1, fail

Bench press
100 kgs x 5
130 kgs x 5
140 kgs x 5

50 kgs x 3s x 10r

DB side raises
left: 15 kgs x 8
right: 15 kgs x 8
left: 12.5 kgs x 8
right: 12.5 kgs x 8
left: 10 kgs x 10
right: 10 kgs x 10

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