Events Saturday: Monster News

GOOD THINGS are coming to Genesis Bentley. The custom-built Monster dumbbell which has been in production for nearly 6 months is, I am told today, due to arrive by the end of the year. I’ve written about this dumbbell in the past; it’s intended for Asha to use, so is a little lighter than the stock dumbbell this eastern-states manufacturer usually makes. It should be around 30-35 kilos, unloaded. And it can be loaded with 8 inch plates, up to I’m not sure how heavy. I’m really looking forward to using it myself, since my failed attempts to construct a serviceable one from the 10 kilo plates in the poser room and an Olympic dumbbell handle, a pair of which I brought in to test out with my Fat Gripz. It didn’t go as planned.

The hole in my neck has not healed up completely; I noticed after my squat session it had opened up again, and since I’ve finished the course of antibiotics and it’s acting like it might want to get infected, I thought it best not to do Yoke today. Instead I caught up on the pulling I should have done on Thursday.

I am going to continue using Axle over barbell more frequently, if not all the time, and pulling from the floor. Today, everything felt great. I just hope I can hit volume with it next week, when I try 4 x 4 @ 240.

Deadlifts w/Axle, from the floor
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 3
220 kgs x 3
270 kgs x 3 TPR w/belt

Overhand BB rows
100 kgs x 8
110 kgs x 6
120 kgs x 5
125 kgs x 8

DB front raises
left: 20 kgs x 10, 17.5 kgs x 10, 15 kgs x 10
right: 20 kgs x 10, 17.5 kgs x 10, 15 kgs x 10

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