Events Saturday: Refried Beans

I woke this morning full of beans. My CPAP machine has taken a little fine tuning, but is now working well for me; over the past week I’ve experienced better quality sleep than I’ve had in many months. But while my mind feels refreshed and my focus has returned, the beating my lower posterior chain has taken lately proved too great to train through today. I did what I could under the yoke and tested out the new farmers picks from Awesome As, but even 335 felt stupid heavy after I picked it up, so I just held it for a little while.

Utterly fried, my training was over in 45 minutes. I limped back to my vehicle and drove home to load up on anti-inflammatories and relax in my spa.

Yoke walk
135 kgs x 15 meters
235 kgs x 20 meters
285 kgs x 20 meters
335 kgs x 10 second hold

Farmers walk
72 kgs p/h x 20 meters
102 kgs p/h x 20 meters
122 kgs p/h x 10 second hold

I really hope I’m in good enough shape to squat heavy on Monday…

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