Wednesday Press: This Isn’t Genesis…

THERE’S something weird about this place. Nobody is Facebooking. Nobody is doing pointless drop-sets with 5 kilo kettle bells, having conniption fits on crossbars, curling in squat racks, or spending 45 minutes doing set after set of lateral pulldowns with their three mates (who, between sets, are Facebooking). Nobody is staring at themselves in the mirror… wait, there are no mirrors!! Anywhere!! What the… everyone’s using equipment properly!

AND THE MUSIC IS NOT TERRIBLE. Where the hell am I??!

Bench press:
20 kgs x 5
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 1
120 kgs x 7 – paused (failed on the 8th) TPR
90 kgs x 14 rep-out TPR

Bench press (45 incline):
60 kgs x 5
80 kgs x 2
100 kgs x 1
120 kgs x 1 – hit safety bar, lost tension… not happy
100 kgs x 3

Skull crushers:
50 kgs x 10
60 kgs x 8 PR
55 kgs x 8

high-rep sets
20 kgs x 20
20 kgs x 20
17.5 kgs x 10

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