Squat Thursday: Not Wrapped

FIRST TIME for a long time using knee wraps tonight, and things didn’t go as planned… I need to get more familiar with them, I guess. I’m using my Gripped wraps as I really can’t be assed dealing with suppliers of lifting equipment. Some Inzers would be nice, but last time I placed an order for an Inzer product it took several months to arrive. I don’t have that kind of time.

I had wanted to squat something around 220, but I didn’t really program right for it, so when I decided to test a single of 210, I was nice and deep, but I felt a little unsteady; again, growing pains thanks to the wraps. I was in the hole for a couple of seconds, and when I came up it was painfully slow, to my recollection (Rory may be a better judge); my adductors didn’t feel like they were activating properly. Even a single of 220 was not happening tonight.

It’s really noticeable how much more comfortable my SBD knee sleeves are compared with wraps. But I will get used to it. I also think a couple of sessions in a Monolift wouldn’t go astray either…

Squats w/axle
20 kgs x 8
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 3
170 kgs x 1
200 kgs x 1 – w/wraps
210 kgs x 1 – w/wraps

Overhand BB bent-over rows
100 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 8

DB front raises
left and right
20 kgs x 2s x 10r
17.5 kgs x 10

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