Saturday Press Plus: 4 Sessions Left

BENCHING twice a week has offered a new challenge. Today I made a very simple alteration to the way I do things when I’m pressing at Genesis, and it appears to have fixed the problem I’d been having fitting both my lats flat on their very narrow benches. I just turned the bench around, so my head is resting on where people typically sit their sweaty crotches (fortunately I always bring a towel), and the bottom section of the bench is actually wider than the top, so I can just fit myself on there comfortably. I know, right?! So simple.

While I think I set a legit new personal record or two today, not everything went to plan. I felt like I had another rep of my money set on bench but didn’t want to fail again like last session. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: training to failure trains your body to fail. And my right glute played up during yoke walk. I’m gonna have to get that needled well before states, as it will be holding back my squat, just as the tension in my shoulders and traps was messing with my bench last week.

Bench press
20 kgs x 8
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 1
127.5 kgs paused x 5 TPR
100 kgs rep-out x 14 PR?

Incline press
60 kgs x 3
90 kgs x 1
110 kgs x 6 PR?

Yoke walk
135 kgs x 10 meters
235 kgs x 10 meters
285 kgs x 20 meters
335 kgs x 10 meters

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