Sick & Injured Saturday: 2 Steps back

AND I’D just been thinking to myself last week that I was on a role. No illness or significant injury for several months to hold me back, my programming was more or less on point, and I was feeling strong again. Then, half way through the week I got a man cold and began coughing and wheezing. Thursday my voice was that of a mutant frog-child with a goitre. I had been planning to get some time in under a regulation bar at PTC this week, but feeling contagious and nauseated, I knew it would be a doubly bad idea. So I stayed home and bombarded myself with cough syrup, Strepsils, and garlic and horseradish pills. If this didn’t work after a few days, then (knowing my respiratory system) I’d likely have an infection on my hands and need to step it up with some antibiotics.

But I was lucky: the medicine and down time were fighting it off, and by Saturday morning I was feeling almost 100% again, and looking forward to today’s session. This time I thought I’d begin with some events, since bench press was not very taxing, and I’d set myself the goal of a 405 kilogram, twenty meter yoke walk sometime in the next three months.

I worked up to 385, my left forearm getting more and more painful with each run. My shoulders felt good, my setup was tight, my orthotics were in and presumably doing their job (my knees were and are still in good shape)… everything was on point. But I put that yoke down and it suddenly felt like the tendon was going to pop. Later, as I was unloading, I could barely grasp the 25s.

Benching in this condition would have been a dumb idea, as would picking something which does not involve my arms too much, and which I would otherwise be doing next week in my regular programming. Skipping ahead, doubling up on, or generally overdoing exercises by ‘winging it’ this close to a comp is just not advisable. So, a little pissed, I went back home again to ice and pressure wrap my shit, and wait till Monday.

This shit better be healed by Monday. I need to pull.

Yoke walk
135 kgs x 20 meters
235 kgs x 20 meters
335 kgs x 20 meters
385 kgs x 10 meters

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