Recap: Lets Make a List

TOMORROW I have a physio appointment. I doubt I will get everything sorted in the one session; my average needling time per quad, for example, is 30 minutes, and I need both of them done badly. I also need my back cracked, as the nerve issue I sometimes get has been bugging me all week. I need to get my forearms looked at (they’re both giving me grief at the moment) and find out why my right knee is hyperextending. If I get the all clear, I will have my last squat session before states this Saturday afternoon. But that 250 I was hopeful of reaching a few weeks ago is now looking like a pipe dream.

My training has not been on point this last week. Things just seem to want to break on me all of a sudden. I pulled on Wednesday instead of Monday, I missed one bench session, and the routines I have done have been cut short as a consequence. I am hoping I can get two more bench sessions in and still be fresh for next Sunday. It would be pushing it, and reliant on my forearms behaving, which presently they are not. More needles. That’s the ticket.

I am well and truly underprepared for this comp. But it should be a fun experience, and if I can beat my previous lifts from the Perth cup last year, I will be happy enough with that.

Wednesday 28th January

Deadlifts w/barbell:
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 3
220 kgs x 1 double overhand, no belt, no straps
260 kgs x 1
295 kgs x 1

Thursday 29th January

Bench press (paused):
20 kgs x 5
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 1
120 kgs x 1
142.5 kgs x 4 TPR
120 kgs (rep-out) x 8 TPR

Incline press:
60 kgs x 5
80 kgs x 2
100 kgs x 1
120 kgs x 5 PR

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