Final Countdown: Last Bench Before States

IT’S TRULY amazing the difference 90 minutes of dry needling makes. I was a wreck most of saturday, shambling around the house, trying not to use my thoroughly skewered quads or forearms too much. One more lost opportunity to squat… at least I can scrap the wraps (which I’m just not comfortable enough with to risk using on the day) and wear my SBD sleeves instead. I’m much more confident of hitting a decent squat with those to be honest. Maybe come May, and the CAPO nationals, I will be more familiar with wraps. And also shave my legs.

Tonight’s bench session – the final training session before the comp – was promising. 160, paused, is a legit PR, and I’m virtually guaranteed of hitting that and more on the day. It felt good to be benching on the right equipment too.

I have my openers set. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. Bring on Sunday.

Bench press (paused):
20 kgs x 5
70 kgs x 3
110 kgs x 1
130 kgs x 1
150 kgs x 1
160 kgs x 1 PR
125 kgs rep-out x 8 PR

45 Incline press:
60 kgs x 5
80 kgs x 2
100 kgs x 1
125 kgs x 4 PR

Skull crushers:
60 kgs x 10 PR, 8, 8 TPR

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