Squat Tuesday: A Shaky Return

IT’S GREAT when things stop hurting. It’s not so great when you don’t know why things were hurting in the first place. Yesterday my knees were still a bit rough from last weekend, but today they felt more or less okay. So I decided to squat. I warmed up properly and I asked for my depth to be checked on all the money sets. Breaking parallel felt a whole lot deeper than just parallel, but I hit it. Through all my sets, I had no real knee complaints. None. Then, later, I was finishing up bent-over rows and my left knee (the one that generally works better and complains less; the one that was not hurting) hyper-extended. So, back to limping, just on the other foot this time.

Other than that, things went pretty well.

30 kgs x 8
80 kgs x 5
130 kgs x 5
160 kgs x 3
180 kgs x 3 no belt or sleeves/wraps

Bent-over barbell rows:
100 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 10
130 kgs x 10 PR

DB forward raises:
left and right
10 kgs x 10
15 kgs x 10

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