Press Wednesday: 2 For 2

I LIMPED in to PTC Perth late tonight with a knee complaint, and I limped out with a knee complaint and a brand new elbow complaint.

The pain I initially attributed to a hyperextension of my left knee is centred in the medial meniscus or MCL. I’m hoping it’s just a sprain, and in a few days will be good again… but a tear will need diagnosis with an MRI, treatment, rehab, and all that shit I don’t really have the time or money for right now. Walking this morning was a challenge.

As I was asked by Chris; yes, I am back training full time at Performance Training Centre, Perth, in Malaga. Here I have access to all the speciality equipment I need to train effectively, with a close-knit group of guys and girls who look out for each other, and a serious atmosphere I have missed.

All the same, things didn’t go well for me tonight. I worked up to my best bench one rep max of 165 kilograms (or 364 lbs) with a two second pause, and half way up I felt my right arm failing. It was a prolonged tussle getting it all the way up, but I did. And once I racked the bar, the tendinitis I’d been fighting took hold. It was crippling, and didn’t let up. So I called it a night there.

Two injuries sustained over two training sessions. I was intending to pull something really, really heavy this week. That’s looking like a stupid idea right now.

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