Squat Monday: A Little Axle Work

I AM very pleased to report that I had no knee complaints at all tonight. Nothing was rushed, and nothing was ground-breaking for me. But I chose the axle and walked it out of the rack, for a little added challenge. I worked up to triple of 185 before putting on my knee sleeves – a positive development, even though it was not intentional (I have previously always tried to sleeve-up with anything over 150) – and then singled 205 and 225… five kilos below my comp record of 230. But man, it felt good. Better than any squat has felt in a while.

My new program rolls out next session.

Squats w/Axle:
20 kgs x 8
60 kgs x 8
105 kgs x 5
145 kgs x 5
185 kgs x 3 – belt, no sleeves
205 kgs x 1
225 kgs x 1

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