Pull Thursday: CAPO Prep Week 1

PRESS Wednesday was a disaster. My right elbow played up and the first rep of my money sets was excruciating. I was effectively disabled for the night. But my knees, jeebus bless ’em, have been holding up great since Monday’s squatting. So tonight I had to get shit started properly.

And I did, but it hurt. I dropped the bent-over rows because my back was already taxed, and I needed it to be relatively fresh for Saturday’s clinic.

70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 3
220 kgs x 1
257.5 kgs x 5s x 3r TPR

DB forward raises:
10 kgs x 10
12.5 kgs x 10
15 kgs x 10