PTC Strongman: 2 Week Recap & What’s In Store


BUT FIRST the shitty stuff.

These past two weeks were supposed to be a holiday for me. Instead I spent the majority of them (in chronological order): in excruciating pain; being more or less stupefied on tramadol; sitting in waiting rooms; talking to my GP and a specialist or two; throwing up my dinner and spending the night hunched beside a bucket or the toilet; another visit to my doctor; and providing samples of various things that come out of my body to a phlebotomist. So my own training over this period has been minimal. Now on to the good news.

The training clinics I have been running at PTC Perth are picking up at an almost exponential rate. The first session had two attendees, the next four, now the average number is six. And interest in the novice comp (which is happening in just a fortnight!) is also gathering momentum, with entrants from asOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA far afield as Kalgoorlie. Current Western Australia’s Strongest Man, Rongo Keene, has a formidable crew (as demonstrated at WASM’s novice comp in January) and we’re excited to see what they make of PTC’s first ever strongman competition.

At home, my trainees have been improving in leaps and bounds. Today’s session brought more contenders out of the woodwork and at least a dozen competitors have now confirmed their places, with more to follow. As of this weekend my bunch have just one more training session before game day, so next week they will be tested at comp weight for all four events. Then they will rest the intervening week, in preparation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Also happening next week is the Ed Coan / Paul Carter seminar – a two day event which I’m sure will be a great success. Coan is an undisputed champion of champions in Powerlifting, and Carter of Lift-Run-Bang is an avid blogger, veteran lifter and topical personality in the online strength sports community.