PTC Strongman, Perth: The First Ever Novice Comp


the competitors 1

THIS ENTRY comes late. I have not had much opportunity to sit and think at length on what has transpired in the last week. But now that it’s Saturday night, I’m resting my aching knees and reflecting on what has been a sub-par few days of training for me, I figured it was high time I got this much down.

The competition was a complete success… well surpassing what I had hoped for. There was a certain gravity to the occasion. For me, for PTC Perth, and for strongman in general. This foray into strongman comps and clinics is not simply further evidence of growth in the sport; it is the first time a national franchise strength sports gym (a singularity in and of itself) has hosted strongman competitions across Australia. I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Performance Training Centre, Perth’s first ever strongman novice comp had eighteen competitors across four divisions. Four events, all run and won between 10AM and 1PM. Now that may not seem like anything to a layperson, but in my years of competing it’s very very rare for a four event comp with that many competitors to take anything less than five hours. Some can run past nightfall. For this comp, the crowd was engaged for the duration and grew in number as the events rolled out.

If I’m being honest, the day of the competition wasthe crowd 1 exhausting for me. I was awake from 5AM, not coz I needed that kind of prep time but simply due to anxiety. I was doing what I usually do and going over the worst possible scenarios in my head so I would be prepared if they happened on the day. But no contrived disasters eventuated. The camaraderie was fantastic, the assistants (the Rucci brothers, Ando, Anthony and Neil) were integral. The next one will be even better. What hiccups there were, were minor, and that ultimately can be chalked up to having no one else on hand with experience in strongman competitions. I was extremely proud to witness my trainees assisting the other competitors and each other with loading, strapping, et cetera – and always ready with plenty of vocal encouragement. Every one of my people surpassed their own expectations for each event… a slew of personal victories I got to witness.

A whole lot of great pics were taken by the Ruccis on the day, which can be found on the PTC Perth Facebook page or by clicking here. And I was also lucky enough to recruit the services of professional photographer, Karl Pearce. Karl was recommended to me in 2012, when I was asked to provide pro shots for Planet Hercules Aussie Power’s athletes page. He prefers to shoot sports, and has a selection of black and whites of the event available here, with a full hi-res collection coming soon!