Squat Monday: A Modest New PR

SATURDAY’S strongman clinic was small but on-point; the group performed four events including dumbbell clean-press (which a couple of them have taken to), axle clean-press, axle deadlift and farmers walk. I was pretty conservative with my own work, the only thing worth mentioning was a belt-less 20 meter farmers walk with 130 p/hand. Far from my best, but it was pretty quick and left my knees without complaint. Looking forward to another, heavier run this weekend coming.

Tonight I decided to take the old axle for a spin, and walked out 245. Five kilograms off what will be my opening (and likely my only) squat at CAPO states. It was nice and deep, though I didn’t sink so low as to pause, like I did last time, and I completed it slowly. It was not fantastic, but I’ll take it.

Squats x/axle:Axle Squat 1 zoom
bar x 8
75 kgs x 5
125 kgs x 5
175 kgs x 5
205 kgs x 3
225 kgs x 1
245 kgs x 1 PR