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The Holy Grail & the Paper Cup

335 deadlift CAPO states 2015



I feel like I’ve forgotten the precise context of the question, but a trainee asked me something about lifting mentality; why I don’t stop at a certain number (specifically the deadlift as my other lifts are pretty crap and people ask me about them less) and I answered with an analogy.

When I was working diligently towards a 300 kilogram deadlift, that number was the holy grail. Once I pulled it, literally the second after I put it down, it had all the value of a paper cup to me. The number was now just a number. But 350… now that was real. That was something important, lifting it would be epic.

It’s been another long time between posts for me. There have been a lot of significant events to chronicle, but it’s taken me this long to get to them. It has something to do with ‘living life to the full’, as they say, so consequently not having much time to sit and write about it. That’s not entirely it though. Work is… well, work. It’s as demanding and fulfilling as it’s ever been, and has never been an obstacle to my goals. In truth, much of my reticence to record has come from the reality that it’s already out there in the ether, so I don’t really need to. I even sometimes consider closing this blog down; it serves no real purpose when social media has it covered for me.

It wasn’t till a friend last week inquired as to when I would be posting again that I thought on it a little harder. And then yesterday an associate asked the same question. So here I am trying to justify the continuing existence of this blog with homespun lifting philosophy and weak jokes.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve competed in the super heavyweight division of the CAPO WA state championships. I came second (in a field of 2 – kinda like GPC states) and pulled 335 kilograms, which was the heaviest deadlift of the two day event. I pulled 340 in training about a week later (also like GPC states) and at some point before this, I made the decision to return to strongman. While still doing PL comps. So this could all go disastrously badly.

At CAPO I totalled 760 with a 250 squat, 175 bench and 335 deadlift. At the Perth Cup in September I want 270/200/360 for a total of 830 but would be happy with say 260/190/350. I really don’t know how taxed I will be from the WASM national qualifier in August. And then I will compete in the Strongman state championships scheduled for October. And then… then I can focus on doing one of two things: Pro Raw, or Australia’s Strongest Man 2016. Both are being held at the Australian Arnold in March.

But first things first. In the coming weeks I will be switching my training nights to Tuesdays and Thursdays and working harder at the clinics on Saturdays. It’s time to return to Strongman programming. It’s time to try once again for a first place in the national qualifier. It’s time to make a 350 kilogram paper cup.

Last Pull Before CAPO States

GETTING impatient for the competition to be upon me while everything is feeling good. Last week I squatted two forty, benched one seventy seven and a half and pulled three twenty kilos like it was a warmup. So this week I have to drop back (boo!) and do my openers, which are 250, 170 and 310.

Well the 310 was boring. I’m fatter now so I had to let my belt out… it wasn’t that long ago I was chuffed at gaining a few kilos and having to wear my belt one notch tighter. At this rate I may just enter the SHW division… hehe. Fatass.

80 kgs x 5
130 kgs x 5
180 kgs x 3
230 kgs x 2 no belt, double overhand no straps – TPR for grip strength
280 kgs x 1
310 kgs x 1

Bent-over BB rows (underhand):
120 kgs x 8
140 kgs x 2s x 5r