Week 1: Brutalised & Revised

WELL that didn’t go so well.

My first attempt at programming around three comps is already proving to be a trial by fire. I over-estimated my strength levels and just assumed EATING MOAR would continue to reap benefits, and forgot all about the fact that, after my 340 a couple weeks back I brought 350 to below my knees and struggled with it for a second or two. That failure taxed me significantly yet I rushed into these loadings as if it never happened. So after tonight’s clown session I’ve done some revision, dropped some volume, and set my sights just a little lower.

I say clown session because in addition to being underpowered I made a couple of goofs which cost me the completion of my second money set. To start with, during my warmup sets I decided I’d try and pull 260 kilos double overhand to test grip strength. I got it to my knees before my grip failed and I had to drop it. Swapped to alternate grip to complete the single but felt I’d lost some strength in the process.

Then I decided to do my second triple of 290 with the axle (the main reason being so I could provide Loaded Lifting with some stills to promote their great new axle straps), but I didn’t factor in strength loss due to having to strap up after belting up… the seconds spent keeled over and notched tight while I wrapped myself to the axle proved too much, and I failed to complete the third rep.

I also was not prepared for just how much impact squatting after max effort pulls would have on my spine! I had originally included bent-over barbell rows to finish the routine but I’m going to swap them out for something a little less taxing, like Krocs or seated rows (as was Tim’s suggestion). Now is not the time for a herniated disc.

I’ve only written up to Perth Cup so far. But, with more sensible loadings, my Tuesday night pull and squat routine now looks like this:

WEEK 2 July 14th
Deadlift: 295 kgs x 2s x 2r
Squat: 160 kgs x 3s x 4r
loaded lifting pull copyWEEK 3 July 21st
Deadlift: 305 kgs x 2s x 2r
Squat: 180 kgs x 3s x 3r
WEEK 4 July 28th
Deadlift: 315 kgs x 2
Squat: 200 kgs x 2s x 3r
WEEK 5 August 4th
Deadlift: 325 kgs x 2
Squat: 215 kgs x 2s x 3r
WEEK 6 August 11th
Deadlift: 335 kgs x 1
Squat: 230 kgs x 2s x 2r
WEEK 7 August 18th
Deadlift: 345 kgs x 1
Squat: 245 kgs x 2
WA Strongman Nat. Quals Saturday August 29th
WEEK 10 September 8th

Deadlift: 350 kgs x 1
Squat: 260 kgs x 1
PTC Perth Cup Saturday September 19th

I expect at least one more rest week post Perth cup, which leaves me with just four good weeks of prep for the WA Strongman finals. Assuming my body makes it that far. And the maxes posted here for that single training week between SM Nat Quals and the PTC Perth Cup are pure speculation. I don’t have any idea how damaged I will be at that stage of the program. I may not even train at all that week… we will have to see.