Events Saturday: 6 Weeks till Qualifiers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAND THAT means five more training weeks remain.

Today I put the crew through three events, one of which they’d never performed before. The log clean-press was a novelty that had some overestimating their abilities. The log we have at PTC is really small, but in a fortnight I’m looking forward to introducing them to (and re-familiarising myself with) a contest spec log. And some other new toys…

It’s been confirmed that the heavyweights will be performing a car walk in place of a yoke. WA Strongman has managed to keep this new apparatus on the down low till a week ago. Since I want to do well, I figured it would behoove me to go get some time in with the actual apparatus, so I booked a training day at the Muscle Pit August 1st, and I’ll be taking a cadre along with me.

Back to today’s session: we began, as we will continue to begin for the foreseeable future, with the walking cambered bar overhead press. One day soon I’ll get some really good footage of this weird and useful warmup exercise. This was followed by yoke, log, and farmers walk. I didn’t do much worth mentioning with the exception of a pretty quick, belt-less 20 meter walk with a 300 kilo yoke. Nothing at all special, but it was the first time in a while I’ve moved anything beyond, say, 250? that didn’t make me light-headed.

Previous weeks I’ve had some not-quite blackout moments after moving the yoke, very reminiscent of what used to happen before I started getting my traps needled semi-regularly. I kept thinking I needed more treatment but today everything felt fine; blood flow is not the issue. I think maybe its just been that long since I did yoke regularly, I needed to get accustomed to it once more.

Now I have yet more diverse footwear to load in my training bag. Next events session I’ll walk 350 on the yoke and at least 140 per hand farmers. No idea as yet what I might do with the little log, but I am going to set up an axle on a neighbouring platform, so we can simulate the press medley – also a qualifier event. Along with some kind of carry medley (the specifics of which are yet to be released) which we unfortunately cannot train for at PTC, so again I will take my trainees through the basics of keg and sack carry during our time at the Pit.

As for me, now I just have to not do anything till Tuesday night, when I must pull 305 for a couple of doubles, followed by a bunch of 180 kilo squats. I know, faced with this, I should relish my recovery time. But I do not. I only know right now, for this to work and for me to not burn out between here and the end of October, it is necessary.