WEEK 3 Recap: Strong Unit


I HAVE a week of training to catch up on and some exciting developments to share. So let’s do the technical stuff (the important stuff I have to remember) now. The events and loadings for the WA Strongman qualifiers at Coventry Village, Morley August 29th have been finalised, and are as follows:

1. Overhead press medley: log 100kg, axle 110kg, log 120kg, axle 130kg

2. Car walk: 360kg, 20 meters

3. Axle Deadlift: 275kg for reps

4. Farmers walk: 125kg, 20 meters, 145kg, 20 meters

5. Loading medley: keg 105kg, sandbag 100kg, keg 130kg, sandbag 130kg

I have my preferred events and fortunately my weakest one is first up, so I can get that out the way and focus on the deadlift and pick and carry events, which I don’t do too badly in. Conditioning is really my biggest concern right now, next to the specificity of event 2: it’s been well over a year since I’ve performed a car walk. But that’s something I’ll look to rectify next weekend, when WA Strongman and PTC Strongman train together for the first time, at the Muscle Pit, Cannington.

TUESDAY Deadlift & Squat
So I had a minor injury occur when I didn’t properly rack the bar after squatting 150. The right side, it was. There weren’t many people in the gym and while I had help from Dale, who had been operating the mono for me, it took some time for another person to come along and attempt to help. Someone did actually come over and attempt to help, but they were new (at least, I’d not met them before) and either didn’t know what to do or was not strong enough to do it, but he took the load long enough for me to kinda get out from under it enough to grab the end of the bar and wrench it up, onto the rack. Not long after, I noticed I had wrenched my back also, so I called it a night. I got my money sets in on the deadlift; no point risking further injury to complete what is essentially an assistance movement.

75 kgs x 8
125 kgs x 5
175 kgs x 3
225 kgs x 2
275 kgs x 1
305 kgs x 2s x 2r PR

Bar x 8
80 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 3
150 kgs x 1

This was a better session, but I am pretty certain I didn’t get the scheme right on my OHP money sets. Shoulda been two triples… I’m pretty sure I did three doubles. Anyway, these were still some of the most comfortable strict presses of 100+ kilos I’ve done in forever. While my press may be lagging – still – it’s also worth noting that I’m hitting these after benching some reasonably heavy weight.

Bench press:
Bar x 8
75 kgs x 5
105 kgs x 3
135 kgs x 2
155 kgs x 3s x 3r

Overhead press w/Axle (strict):
20 kgs x 8
65 kgs x 5
85 kgs x 2
105 kgs x 3s x 2r TPR, but wrong set/rep scheme

DB front raise:
12.5 kgs x 10
15 kgs x 2s x 10r

12.5 kgs x 20
15 kgs x 20

I have to start by saying how impressed I am with the PTC Strongman team today. They were tasked with creating a system so we could simulate the press medley, and they got it down in a matter of minutes. Soon, all trainees not performing the event itself were working as a unit in loading first the log, then the axle, to create a four press medley event in real time, each lift a 10 kilo increase. Just like the event at qualifiers.

While I sucked at the event itself (as stated earlier: conditioning; factor), I had wanted to do this medley before the yoke, again to better simulate the competition. We were unable to perform the events this way, and my fatigue from having recently walked a 350 yoke for at least 15 meters. Providing I pace myself and work with the time limit (75 seconds) I might even be able to complete all 4 presses on comp day. A 130 kilo clean-press would be a legit new record of at least 10 kgs for me.

On the yoke, a couple of the guys wanted to have a crack at 350. Nigel and John each moved it a couple of meters. I took it the rest of the way… 15 is just a guesstimate for the run. It felt reasonably quick and no drops of course… it’s only 350.

A similar thing happened with the farmers walk; one trainee moved it half way (more than half way, to be fair) and could go no further, so I walked the remaining however many meters, turned around rather than dropping the picks, and walked back. That was interesting, and while it’s not at all a good idea in competition (unless the walk essentially requires you to do it), my back thanked me for not putting it through another pick up.

Cambered bar walking press:
6 reps, 20 meters, 6 reps, 20 meters, 6 reps

Yoke walk:
130 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
210 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
250 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
310 kgs x 20 meters
350 kgs x 15 meters

OHP Medley:
First Set
40 kgs log
50 kgs axle
60 kgs log
70 kgs axle
Second Set
80 kgs log
90 kgs x axle
100 kgs x log
110 kgs x axle FAIL

Farmers walk:
60 kgs p/h x 2 x 20 meters
80 kgs p/h x 2 x 20 meters
100 kgs p/h x 30 meters