WEEK 4 EVENTS: Pit Training

THE crew were assembled by 11AM sharp this morning at the Muscle Pit in Cannington for their training session with WA strongman Dan Macri. Dan was my first coach; when we met in 2011 and I began training in his backyard, I fell in with the motley crew of former CAPO state powerlifting champion Joel McCaughan, PTC Perth’s own Carl Skudder, and Gabor Szivek aka ‘Gaborjacked’. When Dan moved his equipment and training to the Pit, so did we.


…we haven’t changed a bit…

I hadn’t been back to the Pit in years, so it was a little nostalgic for me.

After a couple of warmup runs under the yoke and a static hold with the car itself, I managed to walk it almost the full 20 meters with no drops and at a reasonable pace, so I’m feeling pretty confident about the event on the day. All the same, I’ll be looking to get more time in with the car between now and the comp. Everybody had a crack at the car, but at an unladen weight of 373 kilograms, none were able to do much with it. Except for John Champion; John managed a static hold for a little while. At a bodyweight of around 80 kilograms, it was goddamn impressive. I’m not one to go everywhere with a camera in order to chronicle every little thing that happens during our training sessions, but I did regret not getting any footage of today, and this is one example of why.

My elbow was predictably playing up early in the session from the yoke, so I had it (and my pec, as it turned out) worked on by Cliff. The clean and press was something I intended to avoid today thanks to this issue, and to keep myself in as good a condition as possible for my midweek pressing. But I gave old fatboy a go to see how it felt. Everything held up alright. Something Cliff said I need to start doing in my training to help remedy this is very low weight, supinated DB curls.

Speaking of Fatboy; now that the crew were face to face with an actual Strongman log, few were able to do much with it… except for John Champion, of course. He pressed it after just one rough first try.

We then did some sack and keg carries and called it a day. The clinic will return to PTC Perth at 1PM next saturday. I was pleased to be able to give my PTC Strongman trainees this opportunity, and I am grateful to Dan for accommodating us all.

I should be back at the Pit before the clinic next Saturday for more car walk.