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Countdown to the WASM State Finals 2015

SMASHED miPhone, with my last few routines on it, so this latent blog entry is purely out of necessity. Right now I don’t feel like writing shit. It’s been a crappy fortnight, on the whole. Anyway.

My clinics resumed as per usual the weekend after qualifiers but I wasn’t in any condition to train effectively. I let my trainees, who are now proficient enough in their programming to know what needs to be done and when, take charge of the events while I sat back and watched. I am really impressed with how quickly they have adapted to the new, larger log, purchased from WA’s champion Strongwoman Asha Tracey. And I saw two guys weighing around 90 kilos apiece walk a 300 kilogram yoke and do it pretty smoothly. So yeah. Very impressed. Keen to see what they can achieve at states.

Press & Accessories – WEEK 1

Axle OHP (strict):
20 kgs x 8
55 kgs x 3
75 kgs x 11

Bench press:
70 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 2
130 kgs x 10

I really can’t recall exactly what I did RE dumbbell raises and pinwheels. Same old shit probably. This session was boring but quick. Miscounted my reps on the axle coz yawn.

Pull, Squat and Row – WEEK 1

This was just shit. I did my 10 reps of 240 kilograms, but my knees are still giving me a lot of grief post-qualifiers so squats were a big fat fail this week.

Press & Accessories – WEEK 2

Axle OHP (strict):
20 kgs x 8
55 kgs x 5
70 kgs x 1
85 kgs x 10

Bench press:
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 1
140 kgs x 9 PR

DB forward raises:
10 kgs x 2s x 10r

15 kgs x 2s x 20r

Again, piss easy reps with the axle, building to something significant in just a month from now. Still felt lacklustre. The bench was touch-and-go, but a new personal record nonetheless. I tried for a tenth but failed. Thanks to the PTC crew who are always happy to assist with spotting. I may not say it enough… I may actually not say it much at all… and I’ve never been one to run with the crowd; I keep to myself, so don’t get involved with the social aspect to the same level as most. But I appreciate and benefit from the unique environment PTC provides its lifters. It’s a rare and valuable thing to have fostered, and I’m glad to be a part of it. In as much as a guy like me can be a part of a collective.

My pull, squat and row happens tomorrow night. 260 for 8 is the plan. And let’s see if I can squat at all.

The WA Strongman 2nd Qualifiers 2015

car walk 373 kgs

AS HAS become the norm for strength sports in Perth, Coventry Village again played host to this event. It was a more subdued affair than the first qualifying round held in June, which incorporated the WA leg of the national log lift championships and boasted a greater number of participants across all divisions. You haven’t read about it coz I wasn’t there.keg load 120 kgs

The day began bright and shiny, and the threat of rain looked to have abated by the time we got underway. Several of my PTC Strongman trainees showed up to spectate, which I was very happy about. Not just for their support but so they could witness first hand how a typical WA Strongman comp works. This was a different animal to the novice comp they’d participated in earlier this year. More events. Bigger implements. Heavier weight. The stuff that makes strongman what it is.

The first event was a clean and press medley; two axles and two logs, ranging in weight from 100 to 130 kilograms. I made it to and twice almost (but not really) locked out the 120 log. Having said that it was actually a decent showing for me, and put me just in front.

Event two was the car walk. Something brand new for WA Strongman and an apparatus I’d trained with only once before. During my training session with it I managed almost the full 20 meters in a decent time (I’d say around 20 seconds) but on the day I was terrible. I dropped it twice, completing the run in something like 45 seconds… maybe more. Shithouse, really.

Event three was the axle deadlift: 275 kilograms for reps. I made a decision which I could easily have recalled now as a calculated move but was in fact an underestimation of my competitor’s abilities, and over-confidence in my own. Jay is a veteran of the sport and while I know he is strong. he truly surprised me on the day by pulling eleven reps of the axle where I had coasted, stopping at just seven. Proverbs does say pride comes before a fall. My pride cost me here.

The weather became an issue half way through the proceedings and it was decided, after a brief meeting with the competitors, to change the final two events (a farmers walk and a pick and carry medley with sacks and kegs) to static variations we could perform undercover. Not as much fun for the spectators or the athletes, but it was the wise choice in light of the circumstances. I won both events by a narrow margin, taking the trophy.

While I won this qualifier – my first win after four years of competing in Strongman – it was also a very humbling experience for me. I’ve seen the rest of the competition, and I know how much work I have ahead of me just to earn a decent placing at the state finals this year. But I’ll give it all I got.

WASM 2015 qualifers podium