2016: A Slow Rebuild

THIS would be week two of me gradually reintroducing weight to my routines. Pulling, pressing and squatting are back on the menu, and last fortnight’s efforts produced the following money sets:

Deadlift: 165 kgs x 3 x 5, 225 kgs x 5
Squat (SSB): 170 kgs x 3, 200 kgs x 1
OHP (axle, strict): 65 kgs x 10, 75 kgs x 5
Bench press: 50 kgs 10, 50 kgs x 15
Log clean-press: 60 kgs x 3
Yoke walk: 250 kgs x 15 meters
Farmers walk: 100 kgs p/h x 20 meters

I’ve left the boring bits out here, but will be posting my full routines as of next week. I’ll be attempting some more ambitious loadings on the squat and deadlift, and there will be more and heavier SM events on the cards now I know what feels good and what doesn’t. I’d like to squat 2me200+ for reps, pull 250+ for reps and walk a 300+ kilo yoke in the coming week. The axle pressing I did most recently actually feels more comfortable than benching right now. Due to this, I am both keen to see how heavy I can go and wary of further tendon damage… it was while performing a log clean-press in WASM’s August qualifiers last year that I sustained the injury. Pressing is my main area of concern. Based on how the yoke is feeling, I might even return to straight bar squatting this month; the RC tendons seem to be alright with this position, too. It’s just bench that is still a little painful.

I am looking forward to the clinic this weekend. Strongman events I have really missed lately. And it’s encouraging to find more people expressing an interest in joining. Hopefully PTC Perth will have another contingent of budding strong/wo/men looking to compete in the sport this year.

Finally, here’s an embarrassing pic of me when I was almost as pretty as Carl. Ah, the ravages of time.

And yes, I gots paid.