The Eve of WASM’s 1st Qualifier for 2016



…and I have a little bit to review. I’m making slow progress back to form in some areas, but am still weak in others. For instance, my strict overhead press feels pretty much 100% now… and in fact I may have even broken a personal record for strict reps at 75 kilos this week. I’m still checking my archives (yes, I am that OCD) I am very keen to see what I can do in another month, as I’ve programmed max effort reps at 105, 115 and – hopefully – at least a single of 125; my pathetic new PR.

Squats are also coming along, though I’m still using the safety squat bar and that’s not going to properly prepare me for GPC states April. Coz yeah, I decided to do GPC states in April, which cuts short my own predicted return to a competitive condition by two months.

I just wish my bench was feeling as good as my overhead. But it’s not… it’s still really sucking and I don’t know at this stage what further I can do to strengthen it without risking more damage. Repping more than 50 kilograms is just painful.

I am increasing the volume of my routines now as I’m feeling more and more confident in the lifts and events I can do, which is still most of them. So long as Quaid stays on the side of my ribcage that he inhabits currently, there’s nothing else that ails me (save the bench situation of course), so I am thankful for that. Even my knees are feeling better, and as I haven’t had any serious needling done to them in recent months and they’re still not bothering me, I have to give props to Paul Carter for the advice he gave me before xmas on how to alleviate this. Ergo, leg press is now a regular part of my training… though I won’t be bringing back 3 seconds paused, 6 set and 15-20 fucking rep schemes unless they start to hurt again.

Shirked my deadlift session this week due to there not being enough hours in that particular Thursday and I had planned to make up for it tomorrow during the clinic. But I will have to see how much energy I have left for this, as tomorrow is also WA Strongman’s first qualifier for 2016, in Fremantle, which isn’t exactly close to PTC Perth, Malaga. So I have a little bit of driving and a deal of heavy lifting ahead of me. Assisting with a strongman comp can be a workout in itself.

Hope to see you there!

Squat Monday
Cardio: assault bike 5 minutes

SSB Squats:
20 kgs x 10
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 3
140 kgs x 1
170 kgs x 8
210 kgs x 1 – both belts worn

S/SET Leg extensions / hamstring curls:
40 kgs x 3 sets of each x 10

Press Wednesday
Cardio: assault bike 5 minutes
S/SET DB supine curls / rotators:
3 kgs x 2 sets of each x 10

Axle OHP (strict):
25 kgs x 10
45 kgs x 5
65 kgs x 1
75 kgs x 11
85 kgs x 6

Bench press:
20 kgs x 10
50 kgs x 3 x 10

EZ bar curls:
30 kgs x 10
35 kgs x 10
40 kgs x 8

1-arm Triceps pushdowns:
left and right
plate 7 x 2 x 15
plate 7 x 13(l) 15(r)

Axe swings:
left and right
plate 6 x 10
plate 7 x 10
plate 8 x 10 PR