Squat Monday: Not Great

SOME disappointing developments tonight. I tried barbell squatting for the first time since the shoulder injury. It didn’t go down at all… this position, much like bench press, seems to directly aggravate the tendons. I didn’t even bother putting any plates on the bar, racked it and went back to the cage and the SSB.

The next blow was the squats themselves; my knees are not the greatest after the punishment they received on the weekend, and while I completed all programmed reps and loadings, I was very high, practically performing a good morning when it came to the single of 230. I’d say I need to rethink the next 4 weeks of this program if I’m expecting to squat anything significant at states… if at all.

At least my bench felt better last week, so there’s still a chance I’ll put up something decent, and my events are, for the most part, coming along well. So competing in April – whether GPC or WA Strongman (or ideally both) is still a thing.

And I’ve already written a hasty 5 week template for my deadlift which tops out at a double of 335 the week before GPC states… and a predicted, ambitious new 1RM of 350 on the day.

Cardio: 5 minutes assault bike, 60 rpm

SSB Squats:
20 kgs x 8
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 3
140 kgs x 1
170 kgs x 1
190 kgs x 8
230 kgs x 1

Superset Leg extension / Hamstring curls:
LE 40 kgs x 3 x 10
HC 45 kgs x 3 x 10

DB front raises:
7.5 kgs x 10
10 kgs x 10
12.5 kgs x 10

15 kgs x 10
17.5 kgs x 10