Events Saturday: Full House

12764402_10208640792756916_63655281086220030_oUNPREPARED could be the buzz word for this session. I was unprepared for the awesomeness I was soon to witness, and I was unprepared when the thought struck me that I should be recording this amazing stuff. Unprepared describes where I’m at right now, actually, so there’s a recurrent theme here. But one session at a time… I’ll tie it all in at the end. Hopefully.

PTC Strongman had six trainees today. The original duo, Ryan and Adrian, were joined by Matthew, Andrew, Alex and newcomer Stephan. Stephan has been a member for some time now; I’ve gas bagged with him over the last several months, and most recently he competed in a novice PL comp and hit 230/150/270 I believe. I am eager to see what he can do if he sticks with strongman for a year.

First up: log clean-press. Ryan threw himself into the event with vigour. While I don’t expect he broke any records, having just come back from holidays, he followed the template learned over the last year of diligent training and pushed himself to a near vomitus state, enjoying himself immensely.

Alex has begun a simple max effort template with his deadlift, and this week we used the same approach for his log work. Building to 70 kilograms, he then clean-pressed it fifteen times.  Fifteen goddamn times. He’ll have a 120+ one-rep-max way sooner than I’d originally estimated, I have no doubt of this now. Absolutely brilliant effort from the soon-to-be Western Australian under-105 Strongman champion. Hopefully.

IMG_0575I was unprepared for how ruined I would still be feeling from the week’s routine, so I decided to focus on the class rather than myself. I was kept busy as everyone had stuff they wanted to work on. Andrew and Matthew are improving in their technique and Matt in particular is beginning to reach some heavy weight on the log, yoke and deadlift. Adrian has just finished rehabbing a hamstring injury and was back to basics with his pulling.

Stephan and Alex were both set the task of pulling 210 kilograms for as many reps as possible, with suitable form. That last point was emphasised when Stephan reached about eight and wasn’t able to lock his shoulders back and fully follow through with his hips. Alex managed five, which was also a brilliant effort as he was no doubt still a little buggered from his log work.

We finished with Farmers walk, and all the crew were made to upgrade to something approaching heavy; 80 kilos per hand, working up to 100 a hand for those brave enough to give it a shot. Grip strength is something I might look at working back into training with axle deadlifts in addition to more regular farmers walk.

My camera was at home and my iPhone was unprepared for the awesomeness of this Saturday afternoon; it ran out of disc space before I could record anything. Lesson learned. I can’t wait for the next one!