PTC Strongman 1 Year Anniversary

TODAY marks the one year anniversary of these clinics being conducted at PTC Perth. The sport and I, and all my trainees owe PTC and the Rucci brothers a debt; without their willingness to host these sessions and invest in the right equipment, there would be no PTC Strongman in this state. It was an awesome day; all trainees pushed themselves to their limits in what were, for most of them, new apparatus. The log and axle rising bar clean-press medley – an event at last year’s WASM qualifiers and something we practiced leading up to the comp – was a new experience for everyone apart f10498269_10206279640369582_1309978662936654429_orom Adrain and Ryan, so they took the lead when it came to loading.

The rest of the crew caught on fast and soon the event was running like an oiled machine. I had seven trainees this weekend, and spoke to more people before and after the session who were interested in joinin12764441_10208696521710105_354069350125995145_og us down the track. With GPC states coming up, many people are already invested in and focussed on that. I am also trying to keep my training regimented leading up to the comp… so I pretty much just fooled around today when I wasn’t capturing pics and movies of the boys’ efforts; something I really should do more often so other people can witness the feats of strength going on in quiet little Malaga each Saturday afternoo12829143_10208696520750081_5319298989266574530_on.

As I might have mentioned, no date has been confirmed as yet for WA Strongman’s next qualifying round but it’s anticipated to be late April – early May. I am keen to learn the events so my group can be more specific in their training and I can better structure what they do each week. It will also mean clinics may run in excess of two hours, to ensure all (or as many as possible) comp events are covered. I know several of the guys are keen to compete this year, and I’ll do what I can to get them as prepared as possible. PTC Strongman will have a team in 2016.

What little training I did do was as follows:

Log & Axle medley: 50 to 100 kgs
Axle deadlift: 4 x 160 kgs (grip test)
Farmers walk: 60 kgs, 100 kgs, 110 kgs p/hand for 20 meters