One Dusty Month

As my more devoted readers will know, the negative stuff that sometimes deters me from writing eventually gets recorded too. Everything does. I return when I have something worthwhile to post. And I do! But first…

CARL The Lion once said that I was “always either sick, injured or in trouble.” and I doubt a truer word has been spoken on the subject. Well, at least I haven’t been in trouble lately. But I have just seven sessions to record for the last month, the second half of which I spent with a cold, then food poisoning, then a worse cold. All the while nursing my latest injury, which struck just in time to end my prep for GPC states.

Fortunately my right quad is feeling better. I’ve been really babying it on the few occasions I have trained lower body this month, working up to tonight’s single of 250 which was strong and quick. It is healing; now I can pull without it sapping my strength. So long as I don’t do anything stupid, I am hoping to be more or less uninhibited come May. The jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll be anywhere near competitive for WA Strongman’s next qualifier though.

Cardio: HIIT assault bike 5 minutes RPM:40/70/40/60/40
DB super-set supine curls & rotators: 4 kgs x 2 x 10

75 kgs x 8
125 kgs x 5
175 kgs x 3
225 kgs x 1
250 kgs x 1 – beltless, strong and quick… and almost pain-free 🙂

Seated rows:
100 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 10
140 kgs x 10
160 kgs x 5 PR

Bent-over BB rows (underhand):
110 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 6